Spatial Data Infrastructures


Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is a dynamic, hierarchical and multi-disciplinary concept that includes, institutional, policy, technical, standards and human resource dimensions. SDIs are an evolving concept which provides the spatial base that underpins a jurisdiction’s economic, environmental and social activities, facilitating and coordinating the exchange and sharing of spatial data between stakeholders.

Current Projects

  • SDI Hierarchy and Benchmarking
  • SDI Concepts for Location Based Services
  • Key Factors Influencing SDI Development and Sharing Spatial Data
  • Modelling SDI Partnerships (Local-State)
  • Modelling SDI Partnerships (State-National)
  • Decision Enabled SDI
  • Capacity Building for SDI
  • SDI in Marine Environment (Marine Cadastre/Marine SDI)
  • Impact Assessment of National Clearinghouse Initiatives within the context of National SDIs (Joint research with WageningenUniversity, The Netherlands)

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