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CRCSI is committed to developing innovative approaches to graduate education and training and offers various levels of Scholarships to support this.

Scholarships are a grant of financial aid awarded to a student, enrolled at a CRCSI institution, to assist the conduct of the academic award being studied. They include “full”, “top-up”, “partial” and project expenses. They do not include travel.

Project budget Scholarships :: PhD, Masters and other scholarships may be nominated by a project leader and included in the project's budget. Opportunities are listed on the home page News item as they arise.

Other Scholarships :: PhD 'Top-up' and Masters Scholarships may also be applied for at any time. There are no full PhD Scholarships currently available from this source.

Assessment is by a Selection Panel of the CRCSI

CEO (Chair)
Chair of the Research Advisory Committee
Chair of the Industry Advisory Committee
Co-opted persons as the Selection Panel may require
Application Form

The Application Form (doc 84 kb) mirrors the typical university scholarship application to simplify the procedure.

Selection Criteria (Summarised and may differ in emphasis between rounds of offerings)

The academic record of the applicant, who must generally have completed a recognised honours degree or have a relevant first degree complemented with at least two years of appropriate professional industry experience.
The relevance of the proposed project area to CRCSI’s strategic objectives (in the case of Masters, this might be the relevance of the skills to be gained by the candidate)
The level of support obtained from the university and industry for the proposed project area and or candidate
The availability of an industry 'co-supervisor' or mentor. In consultation with CRCSI Project Leaders, scholarship holders must have a 'co-supervisor' from outside the higher education system. Normally they would be from one of the CRC’s non-university partner agencies and organisations and be actively involved in assisting with your studies during candidature.
Current Scholarship Students

To find out more about current scholarships, visit this CRCSI page.

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