Events: June 2010 through June 2011

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June 2010 through June 2011

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June 2010
Tue 1 - Thu 3 Exhibition: 'Mould City' - Colony Collective
(Began May 20)
Thu 3 Excellence in Science Symposium. Australian Academy of Science (Victoria Group) New Fellows 2010
Thu 3 Famines Past, Famine's Future
Fri 4 Human embryonic stem cells, not a model system for the study of human cell biology
Fri 4 - Wed 30 Exhibition - Trouble Set Me Free
(Ends Jul 3)
Fri 4 World Environment Day Lunch
Mon 7 - Fri 11 Exhibition: Headspace
Mon 7 - Wed 30 Banned Books in Australia
(Ends Aug 29)
Mon 7 Biotechnology Seminar - NMR/Crystallography
Mon 7 Mammalian Immunity: What the platypus and possum can teach us
Wed 9 Data Analysis on Phylogenetic Trees
Wed 9 Melbourne School of Population Health Seminar - Is Hollywood Good for your Health? Entertainment Education and Prime Time Television
Wed 9 The mechanism of JAK inhibition by SOCS3
Wed 9 Under the Hammer. Iconoclasm and the Enlightenment
Thu 10 Friends of the Baillieu Library - Visit to the Library, Royal Botanic Gardens
Thu 10 Speech, Silence and the Trauma of Justice – A difficult conversation
Wed 16 Multi-morbidity in primary care: what research needs to be done?
Wed 16 Role of pro-survival Bcl-2 family members in acute myeloid leukaemia
Thu 17 Writing the Mother Tongue from Afar: literary activities of Japanese immigrants in Brazil
Mon 21 Medicinal Chemistry
Mon 21 Genomic Disorders Research Centre Seminar Series - Supporting translational research with prospective clinical data collection
Mon 21 Mental health needs of asylum seekers
Wed 23 The tumour suppressor p53 - facts, conundrums and fiction
Thu 24 Graduate Engineering Expo
Thu 24 Working Pasteur’s Quadrant: Designing and Implementing a National Education Research Program in Singapore
Fri 25 Understand the contribution of oxidative stress and neuro-inflammation in stroke
Mon 28 Studying gene regulation using Next-generation Sequencing
Wed 30 Bcl-2 proteins in humans and parasites: new structures, new drug targets
Wed 30 Dungala Kaiela Oration
July 2010
Thu 1 - Sat 3 Exhibition - Trouble Set Me Free
(Begins Jun 4)
Thu 1 - Sat 31 Banned Books in Australia
(Begins Jun 7 and ends Aug 29)
Mon 5 Biotechnology Seminar - Imaging Platforms
Wed 7 Development Policy and Practice as if Social Theory Mattered
Fri 9 The July Lectures in Physics: Lasers in Astronomy: from guidestars to ripples in spacetime
Mon 12 High Throughput Imaging
Wed 14 A two interface model for Bak pore formation in mitochondria during apoptosis
Thu 15 - Fri 16 Australian Art Industry Networks: Artists, Agents, Markets and Museums
Mon 19 - Tue 20 Melbourne Conference on China. Chinese Elites and their Rivals - Past, Present and Future
Mon 19 Non-mammalian Genetics
Wed 21 Mechanistic, Translational and Clinical Studies with BH3 mimetics
Thu 22 Carbon Capture & Storage Under the Spotlight
Mon 26 Biotechnology Seminar - Metabolomics
Wed 28 Domain Reorientation and Rotation of an Intracellular Assembly Controls Conduction in a Kir Potassium Channel
Thu 29 From Metaphor to Model: What Victorians Understood about Markets that Modern Economists Often Miss.
August 2010
Sun 1 - Sun 29 Banned Books in Australia
(Begins Jun 7)
Mon 2 Biotechnology Seminar - Proteomics
Tue 3 Dean's Lecture: Engineering Delight - collaborations on projects to make you smile
Wed 4 Where do new medicines come from?
Mon 9 Epigenetics
Thu 12 Plant diversity, landscape evolution and climate: new ideas for a sustainable future
Tue 17 Human Centred Computing: Science, Values and Innovation
September 2010
Tue 14 Heavy metal nutrition and toxicity in plants: the Yin and Yang of Zinc and Cadmium
Mon 27 - Tue 28 Public Interest Law Opportunities and Obstacles: The 2010 Conference of the Civil Justice Research Group, Melbourne Law School
October 2010
Tue 12 A diagrammatic Primer on Phase Transitions and Integrability in Two Dimensions
December 2010
Wed 1 Structural insights into how the Bcl-2 family of proteins regulate apoptosis

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