PhD In Engineering

What is a PhD degree in the Melbourne School of Engineering?

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy signifies that the holder has undertaken a substantial piece of original research which has been conducted and reported by the holder under proper academic supervision and in a research environment for a prescribed period.

In scope, the thesis differs from a research Masters thesis chiefly by its deeper and more comprehensive treatment of its subject.

It is written succinctly in good English. The length of the thesis varies with each discipline with 80,000 words being the norm. The thesis should not exceed 100,000 words (or equivalent) without special approval from the RHD Committee.

It shows that the candidate has a thorough grasp of the appropriate methodological techniques and an awareness of their limitations.

It makes a distinct contribution to knowledge.

Its contribution to knowledge rests on originality of approach and/or interpretation of the findings and, in some cases, the discovery of new facts.

It demonstrates an ability to communicate research findings effectively in the professional arena and in an international context.

It is a careful, rigorous and sustained piece of work demonstrating that a research "apprenticeship" is complete and the holder is admitted to the community of scholars in the discipline.

Structure of PhD

A candidate for the PhD degree must be an enrolled student in this University and is required to carry out research at the University for a specified period under the direct supervision of one or more members of the academic staff. The degree may be undertaken in any department of the University.

All candidates for PhD will be examined on the basis of a thesis. However some students may be asked to complete two to four subjects as part of their studies. A candidate has one or more research supervisors who, in consultation with the candidate, arranges a course of supervised research designed to suit the individual requirements and interests of the candidate.

How to apply

Assistance, scholarships requirements and forms are available on our Apply for Graduate Research page

Malaysian split PhD program

Applications are now open for potential candidates interested in undertaking a split PhD program at The University of Melbourne which is sponsored by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Staff members of any Malaysian university are eligible to apply.Find out more about the Malaysian split PhD program.

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